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Validia Housing in brief.

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Freedom to choose

Validia Housing is a Finnish expert and pioneer in assisted living. At Validia Housing, we don't make the decisions for you. We give you the freedom to choose. You decide how you live your life, in your own home.

We have more than 40 years of experience in assisted living, and we take pride in saying we are the assisted living pioneers and experts in Finland. Validia Housing gives help to people with special living needs. We rent barrier-free and functioning residences with special equipment and provide support to people of various ages.

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You choose how much support you need

With Validia Housing, you have the freedom to choose how you live in your own home, whether you need assisted living because of old age or are a young person with a physical disability moving into your first home. With Validia Housing services, everyone has the possibility for normal active living. In all stages of life.

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Choose how and where you live

You can freely choose the locality where you live, as we are already a national service and keep expanding to new locations across Finland. We can bring our services to your current home or you can live in a Validia House in a group environment or in a Validia Home. In Validia Homes, intended for the aging, you can participate in active and engaging activities, if you so desire.